Instructions to the authors


Manuscripts must be sent to the review via the contact form, as a Word file (.doc or .rtf, maximum 10 Mb).

In addition, for book reports, the authors or the editors must send by post a copy of the publication, accompanied with a paper version of the report, to one of the secretaries-general of the SIEN.

Send us your contribution
(Contact form and addresses of the secretaries-general)

Elements for presentation:

Author, Office, University or professional affiliation, e-mail. Brief summary in the language of the article.


35,000 characters. Longer contributions might be published in several successive parts.


Body 12, Times New Roman font (font unicode for Greek), without tabulation.


Pictures must be numbered and referenced in the body of the text, put within the Word files in  JPEG format and must also be sent in a separated file in the original format (300 dpi).


As footnotes (on each pages). Continuous numbering in Arab numerals (1, 2, 3, etc.).

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Internet sources:

Name of the website, URL address of the quoted web page (, publishing date and consulting date.

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