Joining the SIEN

In accordance with the decisions of the General Meetings of the association held at Rome (1999) and Athens (2004), anyone giving a paper at one of the conferences and anyone requests to join the Society are considered ‘corresponding members’ of SIEN.

Academic teachers, researchers and anyone else are ‘members of SIEN’ from the day they pay their subscription.

The annual subscription is fixed at 20 euros. Retired members are exempt. One can pay the subscription for several years at once.

Joining the SIEN (in two steps)

1) Fill in the subscription form below and click on “Send”

Asterisked fields are compulsory.

Nom / Surname *

Prénom / First name *

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Adresse professionnelle / Professional address

Adresse personnelle / Home address

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2) Pay your subscription

by credit card, with Paypal

Click on the number of years you want to suscribe for :

Logos cartes paiement

by cheque, made payable to SIEN,  please send it to

Fabrice GALTIER- trésorier de la SIEN
102 rue de la Pradelle
63 000 Clermont-Ferrand

by bank transfer, to the SIEN account

(Clermont Salins, Tél. 08 10 40 02 50)
Code banque : 16806
Code guichet : 00100
N° compte : 39326896200
Clé RIB : 81
IBAN : FR 76 1680 6001 0039 3268 9620 081

For any inquiry about subscriptions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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